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I’ve always enjoyed taking photos.  During a particularly hard transition in my life, I chose to pursue it as more than just a hobby -  I chose to turn it into a business.  I found that it not only was a welcome change from the high stress work environment that I’d been in for more than 10 years, but it helped me develop an even deeper appreciation for the beauty around me.  I already live in an incredibly gorgeous part of the United States, so I have lots of subject matter out my back door.  Yet I hope that in my photos you not only find a little piece of this part of the country, but a unique perspective on places you may have seen many times before.  

My work process, and what I create...

I  am quickly discovering that creating images that customers want only  BEGINS with what happens behind the lens.  Editing, Printing, Marketing .  . . there is SO much more to it than snapping a picture!

I  started my photography business with the hope that I could provide  reasonably affordable photography to my customers, and I wanted a  product that you can IMMEDIATELY hang on the wall WITHOUT ANY FRAMING.   Wrapped Canvas prints, Acrylic Prints, and Metal Prints come ready to hang on your wall  and don't require ANY framing. Framing is the most expensive part of  most photography, so this keeps my cost down.  However, if you prefer a  framed image, I'm willing to work with you to find the image in the  style that makes you happy!  Please contact me if you don't see what you want, or if you need help choosing which format is best for your needs!

Printing  on canvas and metal gives a unique effect and every print is a little  different. Canvas prints are produced on real canvas with a true weave  pattern, and you will see the weave pattern throughout your photo.   Metal prints are printed on aluminum that has a coating applied and they  have a vibrant satin finish that can produce a striking 3D effect when  the light hits them just right.  Both canvas prints and metal prints  look a little different than a traditionally printed photo - I encourage  you to see one of my prints in person to get the full effect.

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See an image you like?  Several of my images are already available as ready to hang art - go to my Etsy shop to see what you can purchase online! 

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Wandering Joy Photography

Pinedale, Wyoming

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